The Developmental Process of Japanese Elementary School Teachers Associated with Teaching English while Engaged in Lesson Study

  • 上原明子(著)/2019年2月
  • 5900円(本体)/A5判並製210頁
  • 装丁:長田年伸

(ISBN 9784861106347)


Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1 Motivation of this study
1.2 Purpose of this study
1.3 Outline of this study
1.4 Summary of chapter
Chapter 2 Literature review
2.1 Research on teaching English in elementary schools
2.2 Research on teachers’ thinking in professional development
2.3 Research on lesson study
2.4 Methodological perspectives and paradigms
2.5 Summary of chapter
Chapter 3 Methodology
3.1 Modified grounded theory approach (M-GTA)
3.2 Analysis procedure of M-GTA
3.3 Validity and reliability
3.4 Summary of chapter
Chapter 4 Study on pre-service teachers
4.1 About the school
4.2 Participants
4.3 The teaching practicum schedule
4.4 Data collection and analysis
4.5 Results and discussion
4.6 Summary of chapter
Chapter 5 Preliminary study on in-service teachers
5.1 About the school
5.2 Procedures of the school-based lesson study
5.3 Research lesson and post-lesson discussion
5.4 Findings
5.5 Summary of chapter
Chapter 6 Study on in-service teachers
6.1 About the school
6.2 Participants
6.3 Procedures of the school-based lesson study
6.4 In-service teachers’ views on teaching English
6.5 Descriptions of lesson study cycles in this school
6.6 The developmental process of in-service teachers
6.7 Summary of chapter
Chapter 7 Discussion
7.1 Developmental process of pre-service teachers (research question 1)
7.2 In-service teachers’ views on teaching English (research question 2)
7.3 Developmental process of in-service teachers (research question 3)
7.4 In-service teachers compared with pre-service teachers
7.5 Additional findings from this study
7.6 Summary of chapter
Chapter 8 Conclusion
8.1 Summary of the study
8.2 Theoretical implications
8.3 Pedagogical implications
8.4 Contributions of the study
8.5 Limitations of the study and directions for future study
8.6 Concluding statement





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