Shumpusha Publishing, Japan

Since its establishment in Yokohama the autumn of 1999, Shumpusha has been committed to publishing a wide range of scholarly books in various fields of the humanities, a conscious commitment essential to our identity.

Many would define academic publishing simply as what university presses do. Precisely because this view is taken for granted, we see value in persistently asking what is it that makes academic publishing “academic.” When the Great East Japan Earthquake and attendant man-made nuclear disaster of the Fukushima Daiichi power plant happened in 2011, the word “unforeseen” was constantly in the air. “Foreseen” or “unforeseen,” both words evince human hubris.  It should be obvious that it is inherently impossible for humans, who, after all, are not God, to foresee everything.  Indeed, the limits of human wisdom become clearer with the accumulation of evermore precise advancements in knowledge.

Learning, or academic knowledge, that confines itself within universities is not true learning. Only by going out into the public agora of ideas and criticism can the true value of academic knowledge be ascertained.  It is with this conviction that Shumpusha will continue to publish and disseminate books of Japanese scholarship.

Shumpusha Publishing CEO, Mamoru MIURA

About Us

Name: Shumpusha Publishing Co., Ltd.
Initiation: October, 1999
Location: Yokohamashi-Kyouiku-kaikan 3F, 53 Momiji-gaoka, Nishi-ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa 220-0044. JAPAN
Phone: +81-45-261-3168
Business description: Publication and distribution of academic books and art books
Number of publication items: over 900

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