Aisai Kirigami Shiju-hatte

  • Gen KAMAKURA / 2005.3
  • JPY 1,500 / duodecimo, hardcover, 144 pages

Dense joy and dripping darkness – a pair of male and female using scissors and paper. Even though times are different, men and women’s activities do not change. Enjoy a funny and funny comic book world. The text of the underground book “Oshidori Neya no Shigusa(Mandarin duck’s bed gesture)”, which will be published shortly after the war, adds color to the black and white space.
(ISBN 4861100259)


Artist of Kirigami. Born in Kanagawa in 1943. After retiring a construction company who has worked for many years, he enters production activities. It has a reputation for making use of scissors and expressing a distinctive line with roundness.

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