Shinpan Kitakami-gawa

  • Shoko HASHIMOTO / 2015.3
  • JPY 3,500 / B5 extensional size, softcover, 224 pages
  • bookdesign: Jun KATSURAGAWA

Ishinomaki city suffered severe damage in the Great East Japan Earthquake. A person photographer from Ishimaki photographs the original scenery of the home of the Showa 30 to 40 ‘s now and the lives of people with deep love and insight now. A new edition that adds shooting place, year, month, English translation in the old edition published in 2005.

Mr. Kazuhei Tatematsu (writer) recommend “It is a photograph collection that can be called a recent harvest”.

※Previously published: “Ishinomaki – 2011.3.27-2014.5.29” Shot taken for 3 years in my hometown that changed in the Great East Japan Earthquake. Shoot the school, evacuation center, temporary housing and the activities of people living there. 170 monochrome pictures selected from enormous films and shooting diary.
(ISBN 9784861104411)


Photographer. Born in Ishinomaki, Miyagi in 1939. Graduated from the Department of Photography in College of Art at Nihon University. He received the new face award of The Photographic Society of Japan for the photo collection “Goze”(Nora Publishing). He is the author of the photo collection “Nishiyama Onsen” (Zen Foto Gallery, 2014) and “Ishinomaki 2011.3.27-2014.5.29”. Recently worked overseas such as France.

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