Decoding Paul Muldoon

Poetics and Politics

  • Ryoji OKUDA / 2009.3
  • JPY 2,500 / duodecimo, paperback, 168 pages
  • bookdesign: Tamon YAHAGI

Paul Muldoon, contemporary poet of Northern Ireland, following Seamus Heaney. Using the concept of “hybridity” as a key, it understands the political hidden in the deep layer of the sideways speech.
(ISBN 9784861101762)

Table of contents

CHAPTER 1 Mixed Marriage: the Poetics of Hybridity
CHAPTER 2 Translating Poetry and Politics in Monologues
CHAPTER 3 Transcending the Limits of Language: Imagination and Politics
CHAPTER 4 Artistic Subtlety of Politics: Decoding the Messages in “Madoc-A Mystery”
CHAPTER 5 Emigration and Homesickness
Appendix: Poetry and Politics in Ireland
Selected Bibliography


Born in Hiroshima, Japan in 1958. Professor in English at Tokai University, Hiratsuka, Japan.  He is coeditor/author of “Meeting Paul Muldoon” (1994) and cotranslator of “Paul Muldoon: Selected Poems 1968-1983” (Japanese translation, 1996).  Essays include “In Search of Momentary Life: Yeats’s ‘Among School Children’”(Humanity Viewed from Language, 2000), “The dream of Irish Restoration in Dubliners: Joyce’s Messages” (Linguistic Expression and Creativity, 2005). He is currently secretary of the Yeats Society of Japan.

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