Toudai Zen-Kyoutou 68-70

  • Yutaka HIRASAWA / 2004.12
  • JPY 2,800 / extensional size, hardcover, 96 pages
  • bookdesign: Yutaka HIRASAWA

Quietly ask questions about life, testimony collection of times that I took care of!
In the late 1960s, the University of Tokyo co-fight that the author, who was a University of Tokyo at that time, witnessed extraordinarily. Problems of subjectivity, academic freedom, autonomy of universities, ethics of researchers, etc., the problems that have been questioned from the very bottom also hit the present age.
Japanese library association selection book.
(ISBN 4861100267)


Born in 1947. Graduated from the Department of French literature in the Faculty of literature at Tokyo University. In the same year, he joined Heibon Publishing Co., Ltd. (current magazine house). In 1984, he became the editor in “ELLE-JAPON”. After that, he was in charge of “BRUTUS” “TARZAN”, editor-in-chief of book publishing department. Currently belonging to the book publishing department.

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