Social Development, Culture, and Participation

Toward Theorizing Endogenous Development in Tanzania

  • Kumiko SAKAMOTO / 2009.2
  • JPY 6,476 / A5 size, paperback, 550 pages
  • bookdesign: Tamon YAHAGI

Since independence in 1961, Tanzania has tried and tried to develop its own country. We will revise the view of development focusing only on economic indicators and explore the way of endogenous development based on multilateral analyzes of citizens’voices and nature and culture obtained by fieldwork. Mr. Jun Nishikawa praised!

In many societies in Africa and Asia, people are facing the rapid change brought about by modern society while protecting traditional culture and living. As the author worked on the site of Tanzania as a UN official, he made me think deeply about what social development harmonized with local culture is. As a result of this question, this book analyzes how people can participate actively on external development. It is an epoch-making masterpiece that reconstructed the theory of conventional social development from the standpoint of endogenous development focusing on culture based on abundant data. I would like to broadly recommend to people in the South who would like to review development issues with their own eyes.
― Jun, Nishikawa
(ISBN 9784861101748)

Table of contents

Introduction: Social development, culture, and participation
Part I Development and Culture Reconsidered in Tanzania
Chapter 1 Re-conceptualizing ‘Development’ and the Role of ‘Culture’
Chapter 2 Creation and Diversities of ‘Culture’ in Tanzania
Part II Social Development with Endogenous Perspective in Tanzania
Chapter 3 Tanzania’s Policies Re-examined: Endogenous perspectives and impacts on social development
Chapter 4 Participation in Development and Culture: From the diverse agencies in Lindi Region
Summary and Conclusions: Toward theorizing endogenous development


Associate Professor of the Faculty of international studies at Utsunomiya University. Born in Kyoto, Japan. Graduated from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. She completed the master degree program in the Graduate School of Economics and doctral program in the Graduate School of Asia-Pacific studies at Waseda University. Worked for UNICEF and UNDP Tanzania office, assistant at Waseda University and current position is lecturer at Utsunomiya University.

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