Anherika no Sentaku

  • Hisano MARUOKA / 2012.12
  • JPY 1,800 / B4 size, hardcover, 32 pages
  • bookdesign: Yoko GOTOH

Family matters, also work does. But when are you the No.1 to yourself?

A large-size picture book with rich colors that tells the story of Anjelica’s dream coming true.
(ISBN 9784861103377)


Born in Ooita and grew up in Kanagawa. Graduated from the Major of printmaking in the Department of Painting at Tama Art University. She is working extensively mainly on writing and painting. Poems and pictures are series on literary magazine “Wasted Land” (Kouchi Publishing), “12 water stories magazine” (Sunlight Lab). Interviewed in ‘Bungei’ winter 2001 issue (Kawade Shobo Shinsha). In her book Poems “Kojika no Kyusoku(Window of the Fawn)” (WindchimeBooks) and Poetry collection “Kimi ni Shirotumekusa no Kanmuri wo(The crown of white clover to you)”(Shumpu Publishing). Author website is “Write & Draw”.

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