Kaichu Kaisei

  • Naoki DAIMON / 2006.11
  • JPY 1,800 / A5 size landscape, paperback, 98 pages
  • bookdesign: Tamon YAHAGI

A dramatic feast featuring wild creatures of vivid colors in the vast ocean. If you repeat the page, there is a world of fishes whose eyes are also Aya. About 150 images taken in Nishi Izu and the Nansei Shoto and others are recorded. Reprintable!
(ISBN 9784861105401 [2nd printing]9784861100901)


Born in Esashi, Hokkaido in 1948. In November 1994, he began diving and underwater photography. The 52nd Nikkatsu Photographic Exhibition Encouragement Award, JPS (Japan Photographers Association) Exhibition 4 times, 18th Diver Photo Contest Gold Award, 26th Diving World Photo Contest Grand Prix, Earth Sea Photo Contest 2001 2001 Nature Sector Grand Prix.

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