L’Interaction Exolingue

Analyse de Phenomenes Metalinguistiques

  • Fumiya ISHIKAWA / 2002.12
  • JPY 8,476 / A5 size, paperback, 576 pages

In Japanese daily conversation by Japanese who learn French as a foreign language, using French with French, what kind of meta language really is involved in learning languages? How is the meta language used in everyday conversations different from the meta language used in French classes? Analytically consider these problems! (Text in French)
(ISBN 4921146594)

Table of contents

Chapitre 1. Description des situations du point de vue de l’echange verbal
Chapitre 2. Mise en lumiere de la structure des interactions
Chapitre 3. Les conceptions du metalangage
Chapitre 4. Analyse du metalangage dans le discours de la classe de langue
Chapitre 5. Specificites enonciatives du discours en classe de langue
Chapitre 6. Aspects metalinguistiques de l’interaction entre natif et non natif en situation ≪naturelle≫
Chapitre 7. A la recherche de traces linguistiques indicatives de l’appropriation de la langue en situation ≪naturelle≫


Graduated from the Faculty of general education at Tokyo University. Learned social linguistics at Stendhal Grenoble Third University, language theory and language acquisition theory focusing on pragmatics at the University of Geneva and University of Nuchantel, and study the discourse analysis at the Paris Third University=New Sorbonne University. Paris Third University=New Sorbonne University acquired Doctor (language and culture education theory) in the French language education theory as a foreign language. Specialty is a discourse analysis. Currently Rikkyo University Professor and the researcher of The DELCA-DILTEC Research Group at Paris Third University=New Sorbonne University.

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