Experimental Studies on Prosodic Features in Second Language Acquisition

  • Midori IBA / 2010.8
  • JPY 4,600 / A5 size, paperback, 186 pages
  • bookdesign: Yoko GOTOH

How do Japanese people speak natural English?
Experimental investigation of training method clarifies that training of prosody prior to word pronunciation practice is effective.
It connects speech science and English education and opens the path of rational English learning.
(ISBN 9784861102356)

Table of contents

Chapter 1 (study 1)
The Influence of Model Sounds on the Speech Production of Japanese Learners of English
Chapter 2 (study 2)
The Effectiveness of Low-Pass Filters in English Pronunciation Training
Chapter 3 (study 3)
The Apparent Priority of Prosodic Features over Individual Sounds in Second Language Speech Learning
Chapter 4
General Discussion and Implications for Second Language Pronunciation Teaching
Chapter 5
Teaching English Pronunciation for Global Communication


Midori IBA
Graduated from the Department of English in Faculty of arts and sciences at Tsuda College, Japan. She received her M.A. degree from Kobe University. Ph.D.(Kobe University). Visiting researcher of University of London in 2002. Associate professor of The Institute for Language and Culture at Konan University.

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