Essays on Dickens, Forster, Austen

A Japanese Reader’s Appreciation

  • Eisuke FUJITA / 2013.12
  • JPY 3,000 / duodecimo, hardcover, 210 pages
  • bookdesign: Tamon YAHAGI, book-cover images: Yuko TAKENAMI

Dickens “David Copperfield”, Forster “A Passage to India”, Austin “Pride and Prejudice”, while also discussing British novels with classicality and contemporaryity, even with Dostoevsky and Zen. A consideration that the sensitivity and mentality of the Japanese live.
※This is a translated version of a previously published “Dickens, Forster, Austin – British novel living now(Dickens, Forster, Austin: Ima ni Ikiru Igirisu Shousetsu)” (Shumpusha Publishing 2008).
(ISBN 9784861103889)

Table of contents

CHAPTER ONE: A Mysterious Attraction and Liveliness: A Study of Several Characters in David Copperfield
CHAPTER TWO: Passion Underneath Modesty: A Reevaluation of Esther Summerson
CHAPTER THREE: A Passage to India: Western Mentality and India
CHAPTER FOUR: A Reading of Pride and Prejudice
CHAPTER FIVE: A Reading of Emma: Highbury ? A Village Both Realistic and Idyllic


Born in 1938. Professor of Emeritus at Dokkyo University. He received his M.A. degree from Tokyo University. Among his recent books are “The Japanese Translation of The Rise of the Novel by Ian Watt” (Tokyo: Nan’un-do Publishing, 1999), “Essays on Dickens, Forster, Austen”(Yokohama: Shumpusha Publishing, 2006), “The Japanese Translation of The Sacred Chain: The History of the Jews [by Norman F. Canter]”(Tokyo: Hosei University Press, 2005).

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