Distortion in the Study of Japanese Modern and Contemporary Economic History

  • Mamoru TAKAHASHI, (tr.) Mark Chang / 2006.3
  • JPY 3,333 / duodecimo, paperback, 220 pages

Trying to critically examine the idea that decided policies in the process of modernization of Japan, mainly from the Meiji Restoration, economic history and management history from the Meiji Restoration to the after and the end of the war “From the Meiji to the Showa era: Selection of refraction ” in English.
(ISBN 4861100453)

Table of contents

ChapterⅠ Meiji Restoration and Japan Modernization Debate
ChapterⅡ Change in Direction After Russo-Japanese War
ChapterⅢ The First World War and Industrial Rationalization
ChapterⅣ Growing Right-wing Tendency,Para-revolution and War
ChapterⅤ The Japanese Capitalism Debate During and After the War

Author and Translator

Born in Osaka, Japan in 1929. Professor of Emeritus at Hirosima University and Fukuyama University, Japan.

Mark Chang
Born in Taiwan. Lecturer of Showa Women’s University. Belonging to The International Cross-Cultural Society, Japan. 

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