Ishinomaki 2011.3.27-2014.5.29

  • shoko HASIMOTO / 2014.9
  • JPY 4,500 / B5 extensional size, softcover, 220 pages
  • bookdesign: Jun KATSURAGAWA

“My hometown Ishinomaki became in serious trouble. I don’t know if my parents are safe.”
“I want to record in photos the activities of people who try to get back to their normal lives.” For 4 years after the disaster, he had continued to vigorously photograph his elderly brother’s family, schools, evacuation centers, temporary housings and other places. Memorable places that had been totally changed and faces of people who live there. This is a collection of photographs that continues to question what the disaster brought.

(ISBN 9784861104145)



Photographer. Born in Ishinomaki, Miyagi in 1939. Graduated from the Department of Photography in College of Art at Nihon University. He received the new face award of The Photographic Society of Japan for the photo collection “Goze”(Nora Publishing). He has photographed Ishinomaki’s landscape for 50 years and published “The Kitakami-gawa”(2005, Shumpusha Publishing). He is the author of the photo collection “Nishiyama Onsen” (Zen Foto Gallery, 2014). Recently he works in overseas such as France.

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