Ishinomaki 2011.3.27-2014.5.29

  • shoko HASIMOTO / 2014.9
  • JPY 4,500 / B5 extensional size, softcover, 220 pages
  • bookdesign: Jun KATSURAGAWA

“The town Ishinomaki became serious, I do not know the safety of my immediate family.”
“I would like to keep people’s home from trying to regain everyday from the familiar place.” He continued to take vigorous photographs of elder brothers, schools, evacuation centers, temporary housing, etc. after the earthquake for 4 years. A place of memories that have changed completely and the face, face, face of the people living there … A collection of photos keeping asking what the earthquake caused.
(ISBN 9784861104145)



Photographer. Born in Ishinomaki, Miyagi in 1939. Graduated from the Department of Photography in College of Art at Nihon University. He received the new face award of The Photographic Society of Japan for the photo collection “Goze”(Nora Publishing). He has photographed Ishinomaki’s landscape for 50 years and published “The Kitakami-gawa”(2005, Shumpusha Publishing). He is the author of the photo collection “Nishiyama Onsen” (Zen Foto Gallery, 2014). Recently worked overseas such as France.

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