Maboroshi no Tori

Gunery’s Pitta

  • Chikyu-Club(ed.), Ryounosuke NAGANO(picture), Akira KOIWAI(explanation) / 2003.5
  • JPY 1,905 / A4 size, 30 pages

A story of a boy who was thought extinct birds Gurney’s Pitta and a Thai boy.
About nature, a book to think deeply about the merits and demerits of economic development about symbiosis of man and nature. Part of the sales of picture books are used for Thai environmental education and tropical forest protection.
(ISBN 4921146802)


Born in 1956. 1995 Established “Earth Club”. Development of Thai tropical rain forest, enrollment support activities and nature experience program for children in Aoki village, Nagano prefecture. Since 2001 Nagano Prefectural Board of Education Cultural Heritage and Lifelong Learning Division.

Ryounosuke NAGANO
Born in Tokyo in 1958. Freelance illustrator. 1996 Participated in the field survey of Kao No Achoch Lowland Tropical Forest of the “Earth Club”. Participated in the establishment of the Forest Volunteer Group “Goko Company” in 1999.

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