Asakusa 2011-2016

6 Broadway Japanese Portrait

  • Katsutoshi HATSUZAWA / 2017.5
  • JPY 7,000 / B5 extensional size, softcover, 520 pages
  • bookdesign: Hd LAB

Asakusa, apart from being a historic district of Tokyo, is one that reflects the inimitable character of Japan.
This traditional downtown area holds the classic spirit of the nation, a place still removed from the modernity of the city. Here, in the entanglement of the narrow streets, the roots of the culture are embedded.
The area provides a fascinating glimpse into the contradictory ethos of the people, combining the imagery of post-war nostalgia with the undesciplined rough edges of a township struggling to enter the present day.
It certainly cannot be classified as beautiful yet here lies its charm ― one uniquely Japanese.
(ISBN 9784861105470)


Katsutoshi Hatsuzawa

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