Lessons on the Christ in Western Literature and Paintings

  • Harris. G. Ives / 2004.3
  • JPY 2,190 / A5 size, paperback, 202 pages
  • bookdesign: Toshinobu NAGATA

Christ that appeared in Western literature and painting –  analyzing various aspects of Jesus Christ that appeared in Western literature and paintings. Posted paintings related to themes, developed commentaries on the Bible, detailed introductions of paintings, and related literature. The text is English.
(ISBN 9784861105401)

Table of contents

BOOK ONE  Jesus Christ His names are various
Chapter One  The Servant Teacher
Chapter Two  The Victim of Rudeness in The Garden
Chapter Three  The Merciful Lord
Chapter Four  The Lord of The Grand Entrance
Chapter Five  The Bread of Life
Chapter Six  The Son “Given Unto Us”
Chapter Seven  The Friend of Tree Climbers
Chapter Eight  The Great Listener
A Declaration of Personal Mission
Pilosophical Statements Regarding The Nature of Christian Universities and The Importance of The Good Chapel Programs
A Memorial Story
Annotated Bibliography
Annotated Discography


Professor of Ibaraki Christian University, Japan.

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