Dominio provincial en el Imperio inca

  • Shinya WATANABE / 2015.2
  • JPY 4,630 / A5 size, hardcover, 300 pages
  • bookdesign: Tamon YAHAGI

Why did the Inca Empire quickly dominate vast areas?
The Inca Empire who dominated the vast area of South America by the bombardment momentum. Focusing on a region in the Empire, clarify the formation process of the empire and the social dynamics at the time, along with the iconographic materials and photographs. Spanish version of Part I of the previous issue, “Formation of the Inca Empire”.
(ISBN 9784861105401)

Table of contents

Capitulo 1: El reino de Cuismancu
Capitulo 2: Excavaciones en Santa Delia
Capitulo 3: Excavaciones en Tantarica
Capitulo 4: La dinamica social en el Periodo Inca
Capitulo 5: Reflexiones finales


Born in Aizu, Fukishima in March 1973. His major is archaeology of the Andes and cultural anthropology. He has been continuing the investigation about Peru from 1995. He graduated from the Faculty of literature, received M.A. and completed the doctoral program at Tokyo University, Japan. Ph.D.. After holding full-time lecturer, Currently the Associate Professor of the Faculty of literature at Nanzan University. In his book “Establishment of the Inca Empire: Social Dynamics and Structure of the Spanish Andean Society”,”Estructura en los Andes Antiguos” (Together with Shumpusha Publishing).

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