Tone-gawa wo Yuku

  • Hiroshi HANAWA / 2016.3
  • JPY 4,800 / A4 size landscape, hardcover, 158 pages
  • bookdesign: Jun KATSURAGAWA

There is a poetry in life – Recording the lives and the landscape of the people living with the Tone River in 20 years from Showa 44 to 64.
150 photos. Also putting a comment on the statement of Yoshiro Ozeki in the photo collection “Kujukurihama” in this book. Yoshiro Ozeki published photo collections, “Kujukurihama” and “Whale dismantling”.
(ISBN 9784861105036)


Hiroshi HANAWA
Born in Iwai, Chiba in 1946. He held a solo exhibition “Otone no Uta” in Chiba City in 1955. In 1956 he published “Tone-gawa sokou 10nen(Tone River Backward Ten Years)” in the January issue of the magazine “Chizyou” (Ie no Hikari Kyoukai). In Heisei six years, he keeps taking many photographs rooted in the area, such as photographing NHK Hi-Vision square “Waga Itoshi no Kuzyukuri Aru Syasinka no 40nen(Kujukuri of my beloved – 40 years of a certain photographer)”.

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