Kinugasa Sawako no Sekai

Oshibana and Nonohana no Kyou-en

  • Sawako KINUGASA / 2002.3
  • JPY 2,381 / A4 size, softcover, 72 pages

The unusual talent fascinated by art crystallized as “Pressed Flower Work Collection”. Every work eases the mind of what you see. The works matured during the time he was married to a temple are creating unique shadows and peace.
(ISBN 4921146438)


Born in Okayama in 1930. She plays koto music, Noh, calligraphy and tea ceremony etc from early childhood. After married to Humon-in priest, open music, calligraphy, handicraft classroom while raising children. Even after I fell ill, I can hardly believe in art, I am continually making creative works such as pressed flowers, dyeing, haiku, embroidery, porcelain.

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