Kinugasa Sawako no Sekai

Oshibana and Nonohana no Kyou-en

  • Sawako KINUGASA / 2002.3
  • JPY 2,381 / A4 size, softcover, 72 pages

The extraordinary talent fascinated by art crystallizes as a collection of “Pressed Flower Work”. Every work eases the mind of the viewer. The works, which have matured during the time of marriage to a temple, creats unique shadows and peacefulness.
(ISBN 4921146438)


Born in Okayama in 1930. She plays koto music, Noh, calligraphy and tea ceremony etc from early childhood. After married to Humon-in priest, open music, calligraphy, handicraft classroom while raising children. Even after I fell ill, I can hardly believe in art, I am continually making creative works such as pressed flowers, dyeing, haiku, embroidery, porcelain.

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