Kabocha no Shita de

Uganda Sensou wo Ikiru Kodomotachi

  • Naoko SAKURAGI (Photography, Text), Ujitaka ITOH (explanation) / 2011.9
  • JPY 1,800 / duodecimo landscape, softcover, 120 pages
  • bookdesign: Tamon YAHAGI

Uganda has issued hundreds of thousands of people dead by “citizen-to-peer collaboration between ethnic groups”. A photographic collection that reflects the appearance of children who live vigorously lively vigorously with the war and the daily lives next to each other, with a miserable past. Many color pictures.
[Recommendation] Miyajima Tatsuo (contemporary artist)
Boys’ soldiers, rape, AIDS. Even a child is a tool of war Uganda. The photographer keeps close to the harsh reality and leaves a copy of the most of their utmost. Believe in their future ….


Photographer. Born in Kochi, Japan in 1977. Graduated from the Faculty of literature at Ritsumeikan University. She visits northern Uganda during the civil war while studying at university and starts taking pictures with the theme of “the possibility of another way of life.” In April 2007, Achiori (northern Uganda) is appointed ambassador for goodwill. NPO corporation (pending) African representative of water. Her website is “Water of Africa”.

Ujitaka ITOH
Born in 1968. literary critic, full-time lecturer in Faculty of literature at Meiji University. His main books are “Kokuhaku no Bungaku(Literature of Confession)”,”Meisaku ha Kakureteiru(Classics are hiding)”(Co-author).

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