Kujira Kaitai

  • Yoshiro KOSEKI / 2011.6
  • JPY 15,000 / A4 size, hardcover with box, 208 pages
  • bookdesign: Makoto WADA

A fisherman who waits for departure, men who break up the giant, historical sites of ancient whaling, whale cuisine, a whale exhaling on the beach …. Japanese people who eat whales and live with whales. A documentary of the greatest by a photographer of “Kujukurihama” who got a huge popularity! Shot over 24 years at Wada-ura at Kujukurihamahama (Chiba), Taiji (Wakayama), Ayukawa (Miyagi). A monochrome picture 121 points.
Japanese library association selection book.
(ISBN 9784861102615)


Yoshiro KOSEKI
Born in 1935, a farmer in Kawabe, Chiba. He received the new face award of The Photographic Society of Japan for the photo collection “Kujukurihama”(mokujisha Publishing). He is the author of “Kujukurihama”(shumpusha publishing) and “Kujukuri ujo” (Tokyo Newspaper Publishing Bureau, 1993).

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