Yu Kun to Rei Chan

Yohga, Monogatari no Hazimari

  • Midori SUZUKI / 2005.7
  • JPY 1,500 / B5 extentional size, 36 pages

A Yohga that uses fallen leaves instead of paints. Leaves that withered in nature’s activities revive vividly in the story. The first leaf picture book to put in wish for reproduction in a mysterious world where two young people get lost.
Word of recommendation
Midori finally realized his dream for four years after I met the picture of fallen leaves. She is a world that can be expressed because it is a leaf painting, a world that can only be expressed in leaf paintings. – Yohsaiga / Akazaki Kazuo
(ISBN 4861100437)


Gagoh: Asunaro. From Akita prefecture. She graduated Daito Bunka University, Chinese literature department. Worked for high school in Kisarazu Sogo (formerly Kisarazu Chuo) in Chiba Prefecture. “Mysterious Flower Club” instructor. JLFA Yohga instructor.

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