Kuju-kuri hama

  • Yoshiro KOSEKI / 2004.6
  • JPY 15,000 / A4 size, hardcover with box, 288 pages

What is working, what is family, what is life? Here is a original landscape of Japan.
This book contains 208 photographs taken by the author, who was born and raised in Kujukuri, over a half century. It makes the original scenary of Japan in Showa 30s to 40s revive!This is a collection of photographs that captures people living vigorously in the midst of waves of the age.

Japanese library association selection book.
(ISBN 4861100127)


Yoshiro KOSEKI
Born in 1935. In 1962, “Camera Everyday” announced “Warming Oppucci”, the same year award won. In 1973, he received the Japan Photography Association New Artist Award. Currently running a photo studio in Yoshiba town, photographing the life and climate of Chiba. A book of photographs “Kujukuri Romance” (Tokyo Shimbun Publishing Bureau, 1993) etc.

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