Shakespeare Performances in Japan


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Part I Intercultural and Multilingual Performance
Chapter 1 This Is, and Is Not, Shakespeare: A Japanese–Korean Transformation of Othello
1. The Critical Impact of Local Shakespeare on Global Shakespeare: Othello in the Japanese Mugen Noh Style with Elements of Korean Shamanism: A Creative Subversion
2. The Critical Impact of the Japanese–Korean Adaptation of Othello on Global Shakespeare
Chapter 2 Performing Shakespeare after the 11 March 2011 Disaster: Yamanote Jijosha’s The Tempest
1. The Tempest as Prospero’s Apocalyptic Delusion
2. Caliban’s Binding and Torture on Stage
3. An Additional Japanese Ending
Chapter 3 The Last Shakespeare Plays Directed by Yukio Ninagawa: Possessed by the Power of Theatre
1. Richard II with Wheelchairs and the Tango
2. NINAGAWA (or Samurai) Macbeth: The Legendary Production Revived
3. The Two Gentlemen of Verona with an All-Male Cast
Chapter 4 Multilingual Performances of Shakespeare Worldwide: Multilingual King Lear, Directed by Tadashi Suzuki
1. Tadashi Suzuki and Multilingual Performance
2. A Short Performance History of King Lear (1984–2006), Directed by Tadashi Suzuki
3. The Four-Language Performance of King Lear (2009)
Part II Translingual Performance
Chapter 5 Translingual Performances of Shakespeare Worldwide with a Focus on Henry V
1. Fundamental Concepts and Facts
2. An Analysis of Henry V, Act 5, Scene 2
Chapter 6 Lear Dreaming, Directed by Ong Keng Sen
1. Basic Ideas of Lear Dreaming
2. An Analysis of Several Scenes in Lear Dreaming from a Translingual Perspective
Chapter 7 Safaring the Night: A Midsummer Night’s Dream Updated
1. Basic Information about Safaring the Night
2. An Analysis of Several Elements of Safaring the Night from a Translingual Perspective
Appendix: Performance Review: Sandaime Richard, written by Hideki Noda and directed by Ong Keng Sen. Performed in Japanese, English and Indonesian, with Japanese and English Subtitles.
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専門はシェイクスピア研究、カルチュラル・スタディーズ、英語教育であり、世界各地で行われているシェイクスピアの多文化、多言語、超言語による上演および現代演劇の異文化コラボレーションに特に注目してきた。現在の研究課題はシェイクスピア上演への認知的アプローチとディジタル・アプローチである。著書は、『ジェンダーの驚き:シェイクスピアとジェンダー』(日本図書センター、2004年)、『文化と文化をつなぐ:シェイクスピアから現代アジア演劇まで』(筑波大学出版会、2012年)他。The Cambridge Guide to the Worlds of Shakespeare, vol. 2 (Cambridge UP, 2016) , Shakespeare; His Infinite Variety (Lodz UP, 2017), および多数の学術誌で論文を発表している。ホームページは


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