Japanese English

A Descriptive Grammar

  • Kolawole Waziri Olagboyega(著)/2020年2月
  • 6900円(本体)/A5判並製324頁

一致の相違や品詞の構造を分析し、日本における「標準英語(Standard English)」としての多様性と展望を示す。(本文英語)
(ISBN 9784861106804)


Chapter 1  Introduction: English in Japan
1.1  English in Japan or “Japanese English”?
1.2  The English language policy in Japan
1.3  The EFL teachers and culture materials in Japan
1.4  The business of ELT in Japan
1.5  Educated speakers of English in Japan
1.6  Educated spoken English in Japan
1.7  The notions of “standard practice” and “divergence”
1.8  The purpose of the work
1.9  Scope, data and methodology
Chapter 2  The Structure of the Noun Phrase
2.0  Introduction
2.1  Grammatical categories associated with the constituents of the NP
2.2  Standard realization of the NP
2.3  Divergent realization of the NP
Chapter 3  Concord
3.0  Introduction
3.1  The principles that underlie the notion of concord
3.2  Realization of grammatical concord
3.3  Divergence relating to grammatical concord
3.4  Proximity vs. other principles of concord
Chapter 4  Order of Premodifiers
4.0  Introduction
4.1  The premodification structure in standard practice
4.2  Relative sequence of premodifiers
Chapter 5  The Structure of the Verb Phrase
5.0  Introduction
5.1  Verb classification in English
5.2  Standard realization of VPs
5.3  Divergent realization of VPs
Chapter 6  Prepositional Phrases
6.0  Introduction
6.1  The class of prepositions
6.2  Standard realization of PPs
6.3  Divergent realization of PPs
Chapter 7  Multi-word Verbs
7.0  Introduction
7.1  Multi-word verbs in standard practice
7.2  Standard realization of multi-word verbs
7.3  Divergence relating to multi-word verbs
Chapter 8  Educated written English in Japan
8.1  Divergence relating to articles
8.2  Divergence relating to noncount nouns
8.3  Divergence relating to concord (“grammatical discord”)
8.4  Divergence relating to the order of premodifiers
8.5  Prepositions
8.6  Multi-word verbs
8.7  Verbs
8.8  Stability and frequency of divergent forms
8.9  Distinctiveness
Endnote and Glossary of Terms


Kolawole Waziri Olagboyega(コラウオレ・ワジリ・オラグボイエガ)
ナイジェリア出身。1994年にケンブリッジ大学にて修士課程修了、2000年にシェフィールド大学にて博士課程修了(Ph.D. in English and Applied Linguistics)。ナイジェリア、イギリス、北キプロス等の大学で教鞭をとり、国際教養大学や山梨学院大学で教育指導に携わった後、現職。主な著書にEnglish Language: Structure, Varieties, Social Contexts and Learning(Yamanashi Gakuin University, 2017)やCommunicative Grammar for High School and University Students(Akita International University, 2013)がある。


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