The Roots Seekers

Shamanism and Ethnicity among the Mongol Buryats

  • Ippei SHIMAMURA / 2014.3
  • JPY 6,667 / A5 size, softcover, 578 pages
  • bookdesign: Toshinobu NAGATA

“Mr. Sherman” continues to explode in Mongolian frontier, Buryat. Why growth does not stop – the field survey revealed Buryat’s unique ethnicity and tragedy history …. Received the Fiscal 20th Regional Research Consortium (JCAS) Award Research Work Award “Growing Sherman” became the English version, and the design was renewed.
(ISBN 9784861103971)

Table of contents

INTRODUCTION: The Proliferation of Shamans
CHAPTER1: Religion and Ethnicity in the Post-Socialist Age
CHAPTER2: Shamanism as a Roots Cult
CHAPTER3: The Birth of Shamans and the Roots-seeking Movement
CHAPTER4: Created Roots
CHAPTER5: Feminized Roots: Tragic Memories of the Purge and the Cult of “Mother Khoimor”
CHAPTER6: Cross-Border Activities of Shamans and Complementary Misunderstanding


Born in 1969. Associate Professor of the Faculty of human culture at University of Shiga Prefecture, Japan. His major is cultural anthropology and the research of the Mongol. He completed the doctoral program at The Graduate University for Advanced Studies. He received the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science(JSPS) Prize in 2013.

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