Yu Kun to Rei Chan: Yohga, Monogatari no Hazimari

Yu Kun to Rei Chan

Yohga, Monogatari no Hazimari

  • Midori SUZUKI / 2005.7
  • JPY 1,500 / B5 extentional size, 36 pages

A Yohga is a way of drawing that uses fallen leaves instead of paints. Leaves that withered in the course of nature revive vividly in this story. This is the first leaf picture book with hope for rebirth in which two young people wander into a mysterious.
Word of recommendation
Four years after coming across the picture of fallen leaves, Midori finally realized her dream. This is the world that can be expressed by leaf painting and that is expressed only by it.
– Yohsaiga / Akazaki Kazuo
(ISBN 4861100437)


Gagoh: Asunaro. From Akita prefecture. She graduated Daito Bunka University, Chinese literature department. Worked for high school in Kisarazu Sogo (formerly Kisarazu Chuo) in Chiba Prefecture. “Mysterious Flower Club” instructor. JLFA Yohga instructor.

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Aisai Kirigami Shiju-hatte

Aisai Kirigami Shiju-hatte

  • Gen KAMAKURA / 2005.3
  • JPY 1,500 / duodecimo, hardcover, 144 pages

Dense joy and dripping darkness – a pair of male and female depicted by scissors and paper. Even though times may be different, men and women’s activities do not change. You can enjoy the funny and comical world of Kirigami. The text from the underground book “Oshidori Neya no Shigusa(Mandarin duck’s bed gesture)”,said to have been published soon after the wolrd war, adds color to the black-and-white space.
(ISBN 4861100259)


Artist of Kirigami. Born in Kanagawa in 1943. After retiring a construction company who has worked for many years, he enters production activities. It has a reputation for making use of scissors and expressing a distinctive line with roundness.

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OTHER VOICES: Toudai Zen-Kyoutou 68-70


Toudai Zen-Kyoutou 68-70

  • Yutaka HIRASAWA / 2004.12
  • JPY 2,800 / extensional size, hardcover, 96 pages
  • bookdesign: Yutaka HIRASAWA

A collection of testimonies of times with quietly asking questions about life and shooting like caring!
In the late 1960s, the University of Tokyo co-fight that the author, who was a student of the University of Tokyo at that time, witnessed in detail. Problems of subjectivity, academic freedom, autonomy of universities, ethics of researchers, etc., the problems that have been questioned from the very bottom also hit the present age.
Japanese library association selection book.
(ISBN 4861100267)


Born in 1947. Graduated from the Department of French literature in the Faculty of literature at Tokyo University. In the same year, he joined Heibon Publishing Co., Ltd. (current magazine house). In 1984, he became the editor in “ELLE-JAPON”. After that, he was in charge of “BRUTUS” “TARZAN”, editor-in-chief of book publishing department. Currently belonging to the book publishing department.

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Kuju-kuri hama

Kuju-kuri hama

  • Yoshiro KOSEKI / 2004.6
  • JPY 15,000 / A4 size, hardcover with box, 288 pages

What is working, what is family, what is life? Here is a original landscape of Japan.
This book contains 208 photographs taken by the author, who was born and raised in Kujukuri, over a half century. It makes the original scenary of Japan in Showa 30s to 40s revive!This is a collection of photographs that captures people living vigorously in the midst of waves of the age.

Japanese library association selection book.
(ISBN 4861100127)


Yoshiro KOSEKI
Born in 1935. In 1962, “Camera Everyday” announced “Warming Oppucci”, the same year award won. In 1973, he received the Japan Photography Association New Artist Award. Currently running a photo studio in Yoshiba town, photographing the life and climate of Chiba. A book of photographs “Kujukuri Romance” (Tokyo Shimbun Publishing Bureau, 1993) etc.

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YURI: Dokiya Yuri Sakuhin-syu


Dokiya Yuri Sakuhin-syu

  • Yuri DOKIYA / 2003.5
  • JPY 2,381 / A4 size, 84 pages

<A collection of the works of Yuri Dokiya, a genius painter and died young>

On May 26, 1998, Yuri fell off to her death on the coast of Otsuki-cho, Kochi Prefecture, at the age of 27. It was before her unique style of painting had come into full bloom, and the sadness of her family and others around her had come to fruition in this collection of her works.

(ISBN 4921146837)


Painter / illustrator. Born in 1970. Accidental death in 1998.

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Maboroshi no Tori: Gunery’s Pitta

Maboroshi no Tori

Gunery’s Pitta

  • Chikyu-Club(ed.), Ryounosuke NAGANO(picture), Akira KOIWAI(explanation) / 2003.5
  • JPY 1,905 / A4 size, 30 pages

A story of Gurney’s Pitta, a bird that was thought to be extinct, and a Thai boy.
This book encourages readers to think deeply about nature, the coexistence of humans and nature, and the merits and demerits of economic development. Part of the sales of the book will be used for environmental education and tropical forest conservation in Thailand.

(ISBN 4921146802)


Born in 1956. 1995 Established “Earth Club”. Development of Thai tropical rain forest, enrollment support activities and nature experience program for children in Aoki village, Nagano prefecture. Since 2001 Nagano Prefectural Board of Education Cultural Heritage and Lifelong Learning Division.

Ryounosuke NAGANO
Born in Tokyo in 1958. Freelance illustrator. 1996 Participated in the field survey of Kao No Achoch Lowland Tropical Forest of the “Earth Club”. Participated in the establishment of the Forest Volunteer Group “Goko Company” in 1999.

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Kinugasa Sawako no Sekai: Oshibana and Nonohana no Kyou-en

Kinugasa Sawako no Sekai

Oshibana and Nonohana no Kyou-en

  • Sawako KINUGASA / 2002.3
  • JPY 2,381 / A4 size, softcover, 72 pages

The extraordinary talent fascinated by art crystallizes as a collection of “Pressed Flower Work”. Every work eases the mind of the viewer. The works, which have matured during the time of marriage to a temple, creats unique shadows and peacefulness.
(ISBN 4921146438)


Born in Okayama in 1930. She plays koto music, Noh, calligraphy and tea ceremony etc from early childhood. After married to Humon-in priest, open music, calligraphy, handicraft classroom while raising children. Even after I fell ill, I can hardly believe in art, I am continually making creative works such as pressed flowers, dyeing, haiku, embroidery, porcelain.

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